ASCO Answers Guides to Cancer

The ASCO Answers guides to cancer help newly diagnosed patients better understand their disease and treatment options. These comprehensive, patient-friendly booklets not only contain the trusted information about tests, treatments, and side effects found on Cancer.Net, but also allow patients to keep track of the specifics of their individual diagnosis and treatment plan.

Throughout each ASCO Answers guide are questions patients can ask their health care team, as well as space to write down the answers and make other notes. In addition, there are check boxes to help people identify the tests, procedures, and treatments they will be receiving. This feature allows patients to easily go back and find the most relevant information for their situation and share it with their friends and family members.

Printed copies of the guides are available to order through the ASCO University Bookstore, or you can download a printable PDF.

ASCO Answers Guide to Breast Cancer (52 pages)

ASCO Answers Guide to Colorectal Cancer (44 pages)

ASCO Answers Guide to Lung Cancer (44 pages)

ASCO Answers Guide to Prostate Cancer (44 pages)

ASCO Answers Guide to Cancer Survivorship (44 pages)

National Health Information Awards winner  
In 2014, Cancer.Net was honored to recieve two National Health Information Awards, a bronze award for the ASCO Answers Advanced Cancer Care Planning booklet, and a merit award for the ASCO Answers Guide to Breast Cancer.