Susan Marina Chang, MD

Susan Chang, MD

Cancer.Net Associate Editor: Central Nervous System Tumors
University of California, San Francisco, San Francisco, CA

Dr. Susan Chang is the Director of the Neuro-Oncology Division at the University of California at San Francisco (UCSF), and she specializes in the treatment of adults with brain tumors.  Dr. Chang received a medical degree from the University of British Columbia and completed a residency in internal medicine at Toronto General Hospital in Canada. She completed a fellowship in medical oncology at Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto as well as a fellowship in neuro-oncology at the UCSF, where she later joined the faculty.

Dr. Chang performs clinical trials about brain tumor therapy protocols and experimental therapeutic regimens for adult patients. In addition to research into developing novel and effective therapeutic strategies for the treatment of patients with primary brain tumors, her research goals have expanded to include the evaluation of novel imaging techniques that may influence treatment selection for patients. She is the co-PI of a program project grant evaluating biomarkers of glioblastoma and has recently been co-recipient of a SPORE project for evaluating the role of magnetic resonance spectroscopy in diagnosing tumors and evaluating therapeutic interventions.  Dr. Chang has developed a caregiver program for patients with brain tumors at UCSF and is the editor in chief of a newly launched journal Neuro-Oncology Practice that focuses on the clinical aspects of the management of patients with an emphasis on quality of life and neuro-cognitive function. 

Disclosure: In the past two years, Dr. Chang has received research funding from Schering-Plough and Novartis.

Last Updated: September 2014