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Cancer.Net Podcasts

Cancer.Net is pleased to offer its patient information on cancer research, treatment, coping, and many other topics in an audio podcast format. This gives people with cancer, and their families and friends, an additional option of how they'd like to receive oncologist-approved information from Cancer.Net.

Explaining Podcasts

A Cancer.Net Podcast is a pre-recorded audio file in which a specific cancer-related topic is addressed in order to assist people with cancer. A podcast can be listened to online (through the Internet) or downloaded to your computer free of charge. After downloading, a Cancer.Net Podcast may also be transferred to an MP3 audio player, such as an iPod. To download or listen to a Cancer.Net Podcast on your computer, you will need software capable of playing MP3 files, such as Windows Media Player or QuickTime.

You may also want to subscribe to Cancer.Net Podcasts, so that new offerings are automatically downloaded to your personal computer as soon as they are available. To subscribe, copy-and-paste the link below into software that allows podcast subscriptions, such as iTunes or Juice.

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For a variety of podcasts designed for professionals in the field of oncology, see the ASCO Podcasts.

Dietary and Herbal Supplements

November 18, 2012
Download MP3 (5.39 MB/5:54)

Explains what dietary and herbal supplements are, and things to ask if you are considering using them during cancer treatment.

What is Chemoprevention

November 12, 2012
Download MP3 (3.73 MB/4:04)

In this podcast, you'll receive a definition of chemoprevention, what these medications can and cannot do, and how they are being studied. We'll also look at some examples of chemoprevention that are being used or studied for their potential benefit in preventing cancer.

CT Scans and Cancer Risk

November 5, 2012
Download MP3 (4.68 MB/5:07)

In this podcast, listeners will learn the benefits and risks of undergoing a CT scan, and be offered some questions to ask their doctor before having a CT scan.

Mammography - What to Expect

October 22, 2012
Download MP3 (4.72 MB/5:09)

This podcast explains what to expect during a mammogram.

Evaluating Cancer Treatment Options on the Internet

October 15, 2012
Download MP3 (4.41 MB/4:49)

Listen to this podcast to learn how to evaluate your cancer treatment options on the internet.

Meeting With a Genetic Counselor

October 8, 2012
Download MP3 (4.42 MB/4:50)

What to expect when you meet with a genetic counselor.

Stopping Tobacco Use After a Cancer Diagnosis, with Graham Warren, MD

October 3, 2012
Download MP3 (11.51 MB/12:34)

In this podcast, we discuss the benefits of stopping tobacco use, also called tobacco cessation, after a cancer diagnosis.

Pap Test - What to Expect

September 24, 2012
Download MP3 (5.34 MB/5:50)

This podcast explains what to expect during a Pap test, or Pap smear.

2012 ASCO Annual Meeting Research Round Up – Late Effects of Childhood Cancer, with Melissa Hudson, MD

September 17, 2012
Download MP3 (9.52 MB/10:24)

In this podcast, we discuss some of the research on long-term heart problems in childhood cancer survivors presented at ASCO’s 2012 Annual Meeting.

2012 Breast Cancer Symposium Highlights, with Andrew Seidman, MD

September 11, 2012
Download MP3 (13.87 MB/15:09)

In this podcast, we discuss some of the news announced at the 2012 Breast Cancer Symposium, an educational meeting co-sponsored by ASCO.


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