Helpful Hints for Making Appointments

Approved by the Cancer.Net Editorial Board, 03/2012

Getting all the facts about your appointment helps you prepare, which enables you to get to the correct location on time and make the most of your visit with the doctor. Consider asking the following questions when scheduling an appointment:

  • What is the exact location of the office, including the address, floor, and room or suite number?
  • Where should I park? Is there a charge for parking?
  • Which entrance to the building should I use?
  • Which telephone number should I use to contact the office?
  • What is the doctor's full name and title?
  • What is the appointment cancellation policy?
  • Which insurance plans does the doctor accept?
  • Will the office bill my insurance company, or is full payment expected at the time of the visit?
  • What does the doctor expect me to bring to my appointment? Should I bring insurance cards, surgical reports, diagnostic test results, contact information for other doctors I have seen, or any other items?
  • May family members or friends join me during the visit to support me and help me remember what the doctor says?
  • May I bring a tape recorder to help me remember what the doctor says?
  • How long will this visit likely last?
  • What support staff members (such as oncology nurses, social workers, nutritionists or registered dieticians, or counselors) does the doctor have available during my visit?

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