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Last Updated: April 27, 2017

Cancer.Net Editor in Chief Dr. Lidia Schapira talks about how to make the most of your visit to ASCO's free patient information website, www.cancer.net.

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Cancer.Net®: Doctor-Approved Patient Information from ASCO®

Lidia Schapira, MD, FASCO: I’m Dr. Lidia Schapira , and I’d like to extend a warm welcome on behalf of the American Society of Clinical Oncology to Cancer.net.  A website for patients with cancer and their families and their loved ones.

There is so much information on the web today that it’s important to find a site that you can really trust.  Cancer.net provides content from the world’s top experts in their field.  These are members of the American Society of Clinical Oncology which is the largest professional organization, representing cancer clinicians oncologists.

Not just in the United States, but throughout the world.  The information that we provide, the content that we provide, is vetted by experts, constantly updated and it is content that you can trust.

We’ve brought patient advocates and therapists and social workers, scientists, clinicians, and top experts in their field, and we’ve asked them to give us the best possible information that a person diagnosed with that disease needs to have in order to plan for good care or to make sure that the care that they’re receiving meets the best possible standards of care.

Cancer.Net provides information about all types of cancers, the common cancers and the rare cancer types.

The information on cancer.net runs the gamut of all phases of the cancer journey from the diagnosis, to treatment, to side effects of treatment, complications of treatment, participation in clinical trials, innovation, standard of care, and also provides information on how to bear the consequences of cancer, the costs of cancer, the emotional impact of cancer, we provide a lot of information that covers many different areas that together conform the experience of a patient with cancer and his or her loved ones.

Cancer.net provides information about finding a doctor and a treatment team.  It also provides good information about how to prepare and get organized for the consultation.  For instance we provide questions that are designed to help you think about what’s important to you and perhaps to get you better prepared so that when you meet the experts in treatment or the cancer treatment team, you’re better able to take advantage of that situation and ask all the questions that you need to prepare you for the journey that lies ahead.

We include information about coping with cancer, about dealing with a complex emotions and also want to prepare the family caregivers to fulfill their roles in a way that makes them feel supported. 

Cancer.net provides extensive information on survivorship.  We know that after completing a cancer treatment, patients and survivors often feel a bit confused and need information about how they’re going to plan the reentry into their normal life.  This is far from easy and we know that and understand that, and have collected again, testimonials, as well as good science that should help everybody going through this difficult transition to make it smoother and easier.  

Cancer.net provides many services to patient and their family caregivers.  We have fact sheets on different types of cancers, we have booklets and printed materials as well,

In our effort to reach as many people as possible we now offer much of the content of cancer.net in Spanish, so we hope to reach more viewers who may be more comfortable reading the content in that language.

We invite comments from all of you who are using this website, we want to hear how we can do better, and we are constantly updating our reach so that we can find you wherever you are.  We’re on social media, on Facebook, and Twitter, we have blogs, we have podcasts and videos. We are on mobile apps wherever you need us, that is where we hope to be.

Our team has worked very hard to make the site patient friendly and we hope that you find it easy to navigate and we’re always happy to hear from you.

At Cancer.Net we want to provide you with as much information as you could possibly need, from the moment you’re diagnosed into survivorship, and through all of the different aspects of cancer treatment.  We want to reach you wherever you are and help you in as many ways as we possibly can.

I hope you find our site welcoming and informative that you share it with your friends and family and that you let us know how we can best serve you.

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Cancer.Net®: Doctor-Approved Patient Information from ASCO®

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