Navigating Challenges: Managing the Cost of Your Cancer Care

The cost of cancer care is a big concern for many patients. This is for different reasons, including the high cost of care, complex health insurance rules, and emotional hurdles in talking about financial issues with others. This video offers guidance on how patients can navigate these challenges.

This video offers perspectives on this topic from both survivors and health care professionals. It is being offered through a four-part “Navigating Challenges” series for people newly diagnosed with cancer facing real-world barriers to high quality cancer care. This ASCO patient education video series was made possible by a grant from the LIVESTRONG Foundation to the Conquer Cancer Foundation.

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More Information
Financial Considerations 
Booklet: Managing the Cost of Cancer Care (PDF, English)
Booklet:  Manejo del costo económico del tratamiento en paciente con cancer (PDF; Espanol)
When the Doctor Says Cancer

Last Updated: August 1, 2014