Family, Friends, and Relationships

Learn how cancer can affect relationships with a spouse or partner, family members, and friends.

Talking With Your Spouse or Partner

A cancer diagnosis affects a marriage or other partnership, often in ways that are not apparent. Because a spouse or partner is a primary source of support, good communication is essential. Often, many young adults receive support from their parents in addition to their spouse or partner, and it is important to find a balance between these sources of support.

Cancer and Your Parents

Cancer affects everyone in your family. The effect of cancer on your relationship with your parents can vary, depending on how close you are and whether there are others in your life, such as a spouse or partner, that may also provide support.

Cancer and Being Single

Dating and developing new relationships can be challenging for single young adults with cancer. Dating is an important part of life for many young adults, especially those hoping to find a partner, marry, and start a family.

Talking With Your Friends

Cancer may affect relationships with your friends. Some relationships may grow stronger, and others may fade. You may also make new friends as you encounter new opportunities and meet others facing the same challenge.