Life After Treatment

Learn more about being a cancer survivor, including managing your health, coping after cancer, and returning to school or work after cancer.

Returning to School After Cancer

For young adult undergraduate or graduate students who took time off during treatment, returning to school involves both practical and emotional considerations. Once you are ready to return, there are steps you can take to ease the transition back to school.

Returning to Work After Cancer

Work is an important part of life for many young adults not only for financial rewards, but also to regain self-image and continue relationships with colleagues. Returning to work may help you feel more independent and in control.

Managing Your Health

After finishing cancer treatment, you will need to continue to have regular check-ups. This section explains why follow-up care is important.

Coping After Cancer

During the last few months, or maybe longer, you have been focused on your cancer treatment and recovery. Finishing treatment is exciting, but it can also be challenging and even frightening. Resuming a normal schedule after treatment can be difficult and may require you to redefine what you consider normal. Give yourself time and find support, if needed, as you adjust to physical and emotional changes during this transition.