Improved Care and Treatment Helps Children with Cancer Live Longer and Better

ASCO Annual Meeting
May 31, 2015

A recent analysis of information from more than 34,000 children who participated in the Childhood Cancer Survivor Study shows that modern cancer care is reducing deaths from cancer and long-term side effects. Previous research has shown that up to 18% of childhood cancer survivors die within 30 years of diagnosis. While deaths from worsening or recurrent cancers tend to slow over time, deaths from other health-related reasons, such as long-term side effects tend to increase.

Health Provider Coordination from Cancer Screening Through Survivorship Helps Improve Patient Care

Quality Care Symposium
October 29, 2013

A review of the research from the past 30 years on coordinating cancer care found that various methods of coordination reduce hospitalizations and emergency department visits and increase patients’ quality of life and overall satisfaction with their care.


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