Research and Advocacy

Find out what's happening in the cancer community.

Research Summaries

Read patient-friendly summaries of highlighted research studies for patients from recent ASCO scientific meetings and medical journals.

ASCO Annual Meetings

The latest news and information on cancer care, treatment, and prevention from ASCO's Annual Meetings.


ASCO and the Conquer Cancer Foundation provides patients being treated for cancer and their caregivers with free access to medical research articles published in ASCO’s Journal of Clinical Oncology

ASCO Virtual Lectures

Audio and slide presentations by ASCO's medical experts from ASCO's Annual Meetings and educational events.

For Patient Advocates

Defines advocacy and lists the many ways you can be a cancer advocate. Introduces ASCO's programs designed for patient advocates, including those at research and educational meetings.

Public Policy Advocacy

Offers information and resources about current legislative and regulatory issues facing lawmakers and other decision makers that affect people with cancer.