Dana Deighton; Voices on Cancer
January 12, 2023 Dana Deighton
In this “Voices on Cancer” post, stage 4 esophageal cancer survivor Dana Deighton shares what it was like receiving an advanced diagnosis, how she advocated for herself during treatment, and how her diagnosis led her to a career in patient and research advocacy. Read More
January 11, 2023 ASCO Staff
活检是诊断和治疗癌症的重要程序。但有些人可能会担心活检可能导致癌症扩散。在这篇文章中,我们将讨论这个想法是如何开始的,以及为什么活检的益处大于风险。 Read More
January 10, 2023 Kate Ruder
Cooking or grilling some foods produces certain chemicals. But can these chemicals increase a person’s risk for cancer? Here, find out what these chemicals are, where they’re found, and what the research says. Read More
January 5, 2023 Brielle Gregory Collins, ASCO staff
In this podcast, Dr. Frank Penedo interviews esophageal cancer survivor Rachael Kearney about her experience being diagnosed with cancer, how she coped with side effects from treatment, and her advice for sharing your cancer story. Read More
January 4, 2023 Kate Ruder
When considering hormone replacement therapy to manage symptoms of menopause, you may wonder whether it can affect your risk for cancer. Here, review an explanation of different types of hormone replacement therapies, how they work, and what research says about cancer risk. Read More