June 20, 2023 Amar Kelkar, MD, FACP, and Vincent Ho, MD
Dr. Amar Kelkar and Dr. Vincent Ho discuss what people with cancer and their caregivers should know about recovery in the weeks and months after a bone marrow transplant, including what follow-up care will be needed, what symptoms may occur, and how daily life may change. Read More
June 15, 2023 Brielle Gregory Collins, ASCO staff
In this podcast, Dr. Luckson Mathieu and Rea Blakey of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration discuss what Black families should know about cancer disparities in their community, their cancer risk, and steps they can take to prevent and screen for cancer. Read More
June 13, 2023 Alyssa Berns, DO
Dr. Alyssa Berns shares what you should know if you’ve been diagnosed with cancer in the emergency department, including questions to ask and what your next steps should be after leaving emergency care and transitioning into cancer care. Read More
June 8, 2023 Jazmin Servin, MD
In this “Cancer in My Community” post, Dr. Jazmin Servin discusses what childhood cancer is like in Paraguay, including why she chose a career in pediatric oncology, the barriers that exist to caring for children with cancer in Paraguay, and how families can get support. Read More
2023 ASCO Annual Meeting; #ASCO23
June 6, 2023 ASCO Staff
The ASCO Annual Meeting is being held June 2 to 6. A study presented today shows that removing radiation therapy from the treatment plan for an aggressive form of lymphoma does not impact the risk of recurrence or overall survival. Read More