Awards and Recognition

Cancer.Net is honored to have received numerous awards for our website, printed patient education materials, mobile application, podcasts, and blog. 


  • 29th Annual Communicator Awards; Award of Distinction
  • Winner Best in Class 2021; Interactive Media Awards
  • Mobile WebAwards 2020

Cancer.Net has received multiple awards from The Communicator Awards, most recently the Award of Distinction in the Health and Wellness category in 2023 and the Award of Excellence for Mobile Apps/Sites in 2021. Cancer.Net has also received multiple Interactive Media Awards, most recently the Best in Class award in the Association and Medical Categories in 2021. Additionally, Cancer.Net was a winner of the Best Health Care Mobile Website award from the 2020 Mobile WebAwards (Web Marketing Association). 

Additional Awards

  • Cancer.Net received 2 awards from the eHealthcare Leadership Awards in 2019, a Platinum Award for Best Healthcare Content, and a Gold Award for Best Site Design

  • Cancer.Net received an Outstanding Website Award from the Web Marketing Association's 2019 WebAward Competition.

  • Cancer.Net was named a 2018 Silver Winner of the Davey Awards, which honors the best web, design, video, advertising, and mobile from small firms worldwide. The Davey Awards are administered by the Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts.  

  • Fall 2017 Merit Award from the Digital Health Awards, which recognizes high-quality digital health resources for consumers and health professionals.

  • 2017 eHealthcare Leadership Gold Award for Best Healthcare Content in the Consumer Disease Focused Website category from Strategic Health Care Communications.

  • 2015 Outstanding Achievement in Web Development from the Web Marketing Association WebAwards.

  • 2014 Gold Web Health Award (PDF), which recognizes high-quality digital health resources for consumers and health professionals. The awards are organized by the Health Information Resource Center.

  • 2014 Silver Winner of the W3 Awards, which honors creative excellence on the web, administered by the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts. 

ASCO Answers Patient Education Materials

  • Winner 2020 APEX ® Awards for Publication Excellence
  • Digital Health Awards Spring 2020
  • 24th Annual Communicator Awards - Print, Distinction

The ASCO Answers Guide to Cancer Survivorship (PDF) won an award for a One-of-a-Kind Publication from the 2020 APEX Awards for Publication Excellence. Previously, the the booklet, Managing the Cost of Cancer Care (PDF), won the Silver Award from the Digital Health Awards competition, which honors the best digital health resources, in the “Digital Health Media/Publications – Miscellaneous” category. Previously, the printed fact sheet, When the Doctor Says “Cancer" (PDF) received a bronze award from Digital Health Awards. Additionally, the ASCO Answers printed patient education booklet, Managing Cancer-Related Pain (PDF) received an Award of Distinction from the 24th Annual Communicator Awards in the Brochures - General Non-Profit category.  

Additional Awards

Cancer.Net Mobile

  • 29th Annual Communicator Awards; Award of Distinction
  • W3 2020 Silver Winner
  • ORCHA Trusted Health App Reviews;; 2020 Rating: Review Score: 65%

Cancer.Net Mobile was awarded two Awards of Distinction in 2023 by The Communicator Awards, in the Education and Best User Interface categories. Additionally, Cancer.Net Mobile was honored to be named the 2020 w3 Silver Award Winner in the Health & Wellness Mobile Sites & Apps category. Cancer.Net was also recognized by the ORCHA Trusted Health App review process in 2020.

Additional Awards

Cancer.Net Podcasts

  • The 22nd Annual Communicator Awards: Audio; Distinction
  • Digital Health Awards ® Winner Spring 2016

The Cancer.Net podcast, Living with Lymphedema, received an Award of Distinction in the 22nd Annual Communicator Awards competition, which recognizes excellence in marketing and communications. Previously, the podcast Coping with Scanxiety received an Award of Distinction in the 21st Annual Communicator Awards competition. Additionally, the Cancer.Net Podcasts program as a whole has received 2 Merit Awards from the Digital Health Awards competition, most recently in Spring 2016. 

Cancer.Net Blog

  • eHealthcare Leadership Awards 2021: Winner
  • Best Blog 2020: Cancer; Healthline
  • Winner 2017 APEX ® Awards for Publication Excellence

In 2021, the Cancer.Net Blog post Coronavirus and COVID-19: What People With Cancer Need to Know received the Award of Distinction from the eHealthcare Awards in the Best COVID-19 Pandemic Related Communications category. In 2020 and 2019, the Cancer.Net Blog was named one of Healthline's Best Cancer Blogs of the Year. In 2017, the Cancer.Net Blog series Voices on Cancer was a winner of the APEX Award for Publication Excellence in the Social Media-Best Series of Blog Posts category. Addditionally, in 2016, the Cancer.Net Blog received a Bronze Award in the Spring 2016 Digital Health Awards competition, which recognizes high-quality digital health resources for consumers and health professionals, and it was named third on a list of the Top 100 Cancer Blogs on the web by Feedspot.