Podcast: Understanding Cancer Research Studies

May 20, 2014
Cat Snyder, ASCO staff

Filled with unfamiliar and technical terms, medical studies can feel more like a foreign language than anything else. “Phase I”, “double-blind”, “meta-analysis” – what does it all mean?

This podcast breaks down the different parts of a research study and explains how to evaluate the information you find. You’ll also find key definitions and get tips for where you can find medical journals. But be sure to talk with your doctor about what you read. They can help you to interpret whether the research applies to you or a loved one.

Note: Last week and during the upcoming days, ASCO will be releasing new cancer research studies that will be presented at the upcoming ASCO Annual Meeting. You can find written Cancer.Net patient summaries of highlighted studies. In addition, thousands of abstracts on a variety of topics will be released during this time, so use this podcast to better understand the information in these abstracts.

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