Spotlight On: Oncology Nurses – Part II, a Podcast

May 8, 2014
Cat Snyder, ASCO staff

If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, you will interact with a number of different members of the health care team at various times during treatment. When you walk into a doctor’s office, hospital, or cancer center, you may encounter nurses, physician assistants, social workers, doctors—the list goes on. In this series, we talk with some of these health care professionals to learn more about their jobs and the role they play in providing high-quality cancer care.

It’s Oncology Nursing Month, which makes it the perfect occasion to recognize the role nurses play on the cancer care team. Nurses provide skillful care to patients from the time of diagnosis until after treatment is finished.  And nurses are often the part of the health care team you interact with daily, so it’s important to know what they do and how to communicate with them.

In this podcast, you’ll hear from Cindi Cantril, RN, OCN, MPH, and Mary Magee Gullatte, PhD, RN, ANP, BC, AOCN®, FAAN. These experts share the inside perspective on oncology nurses and the role they play in patient care, including practical tips for talking with your health care team. Teaser:  They explain the many letters on their name badges and the different certifications, skills, and education that distinguish nurses!

A transcript is available.


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