Expert Perspectives on Myeloma and Breast Cancer Research

December 23, 2014

Cancer research is ongoing and doctors are constantly discovering new approaches to treating disease. Recently, two of Cancer.Net’s Associate Editors brought back highlights from the scientific meetings they attended and shared them with us in a podcast.

First off, Dr. Sundar Jagannath from Mount Sinai Medical Center discusses research highlights from the 2014 American Hematology Society annual meeting  Dr. Jagannath explains the exciting results about 4 new drugs or new combination of existing drugs for multiple myeloma.

Next, Dr. Hope Rugo from the University of California San Francisco shares the research highlights from the 2014 San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium. Hear Dr. Rugo describe the studies that caught her  attention and her thoughts about how this changes the way that doctors look at breast cancer treatment.

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