Expert Podcast: Coping with “Scanxiety”

scan-xiety (noun) : the anxiety associated with cancer-detecting scans
December 2, 2014
Cat Snyder, ASCO staff

Whether it’s for a potential diagnosis, during treatment, or follow-up after treatment, getting a scan, such as a CT or MRI, can be hard to handle. The term “scanxiety” represents the common experience of anxiety associated with scans. click to tweet Sometimes, the anticipation beforehand or waiting for results afterwards adds stress to you or a family member.

Dr. Lidia Schapira, the 2015–2021 Cancer.Net Editor in Chief, reminds us that “scanxiety” is normal.  In this podcast, Dr. Schapira shares tips for handling the stress that you may experience.

This is a prerecorded audio podcast, and it can be listened to online or downloaded to your computer. A transcript of this podcast is also available. For more information, visit the Cancer.Net podcast page.


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