Supporting and Empowering Young Adults With Cancer

Matthew Zachary; Voices on Cancer
April 25, 2017
Monika Joshi, ASCO staff

Voices on Cancer is a Cancer.Net Blog series where advocates share their stories and the lessons they have learned about being a cancer advocate. Matthew Zachary is the founder and CEO of Stupid Cancer, a nonprofit organization that supports and empowers young adults with cancer. He is a young adult brain cancer survivor.

“If I could make one day a little better than the next for someone else just like me, that's what [cancer advocacy] meant,” share on twitter Matthew Zachary says in this podcast. Listen as he discusses what separates cancer in young adults from cancer in children and older adults and talks about his journey from patient to advocate.

  • What it means to be a cancer advocate [4:17].

  • What is Stupid Cancer and how did it begin? [7:10]

  • What makes cancer in young adults different? [8:12]

  • What resources are available to young adults with cancer? [10:26]

  • How can young adults with cancer get into advocacy? [13:46]

This is a prerecorded audio podcast. It can be listened to online or downloaded to your computer. A transcript of this podcast is also available. For more information, visit the Cancer.Net podcast page.


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