How Is the ASCO Annual Meeting Changing Cancer Care?

2017 ASCO Annual Meeting. #ASCO17
May 30, 2017
Charlotte Caldwell, ASCO Staff

Each year, the American Society of Clinical Oncology’s (ASCO) Annual Meeting draws people from all over the world and sets the pace for new treatments and research with the release of 5,000+ scientific abstracts about cancer. But what exactly happens at the ASCO Annual Meeting, and what does it mean for people with cancer?share on twitter In this video, ASCO President Daniel Hayes, MD, FACP, FASCO, shares 3 key elements that make this yearly event so impactful.

#1. Education

“Education is one of our principal goals,” explains Dr. Hayes. “We want to teach people in ways they want to learn.” The ASCO Annual Meeting offers unique opportunities for oncologists and others in the cancer care community to learn about many different areas of oncology, including surgical, medical, radiation, and geriatric oncology, symptom management, and pathology.

#2. Scientific presentations

Groundbreaking research about new treatments for different types of cancer and better patient care is presented at the ASCO Annual Meeting before it is available elsewhere. All of the research presented undergoes peer review to ensure that it is the best available information. Information shared at the meeting provides a foundation for future research and advancements, as well. Oncology professionals often bring the new information they’ve learned during presentations back home to apply to their patients’ treatment plans right away.

#3. Networking

Sharing information and lessons learned is an essential part of the ASCO Annual Meeting. Many attendees plan to use their time there to connect one-on-one with others in their field or reconnect with colleagues. They also schedule time for group meetings with researchers, clinicians, and others in their area of medicine. ASCO’s Patient Advocate Lounge serves as a dedicated space for networking among advocates, encouraging them to take full advantage of the meeting by making meaningful connections to further their individual goals. All attendees learn and share knowledge, and then they apply this new information to their practices, research, and missions. This helps everyone who is working to make progress against cancer.

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