How to Safely Handle and Dispose Medication

May 8, 2018
Monika Sharda, ASCO staff

During and after cancer treatment, you may have medication to take at home. This may include chemotherapy in a form such as a pill that is taken by mouth, called oral chemotherapy.  There may also be medicine for symptoms and side effects, such as opioid pain medication. It is important for you and your family caregivers to know the safest ways to store and dispose of specific types of medication.

In this podcast, Paul Celano, MD, talks about topics related to patient safety as well as how to dispose of unused medication at home.share on twitter Key points of this discussion include:

  • The growing use of oral chemotherapy for cancer treatment [1:40].

  • The benefits and risks of using oral chemotherapy [2:23].

  • Questions to ask your health care team before starting oral chemotherapy [4:34].

  • Storing medications [7:07].

  • How to safely dispose of unused medication [10:08].

Dr. Celano is the division head of medical oncology at the Greater Baltimore Medical Center in Baltimore, Maryland.

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