Colorectal Cancer Treatment and You: How to Eat Well

November 2, 2018
Claire Smith, ASCO staff

Treatment for colorectal cancer can have side effects that impact a person’s ability to eat well and get enough nutrition.share on twitter This can affect a person’s overall health and treatment. In this podcast, registered dietitians Suzanne Dixon and Julie Lanford discuss nutrition, bowel health, and supportive care before, during, and after treatment for colorectal cancer.

  • Why is unintentional weight loss during cancer treatment a cause for concern? [2:42]

  • What is the role of nutrition during treatment? [6:28]

  • What happens during the first visit with a registered dietitian? [7:35]

  • Ways to help relieve common side effects of colorectal cancer treatment:

    • Appetite loss [9:17]

    • Fatigue [10:35]

    • Mouth sores [12:56]

    • Taste changes [15:11]

    • Diarrhea [16:51]

    • Constipation [20:07]

  • What should you know about different types of fiber? [22:42]

  • What are some guidelines around eating after a colostomy? [26:08]

  • What are some recommendations for eating well after completing treatment? [31:43]

Suzanne Dixon is a registered dietitian and epidemiologist in Portland, Oregon. Julie Lanford is a registered dietitian in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. 

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