“Your Stories” Podcast: Being a Part of the Cancer Research Process

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December 3, 2019
Patra Wroten, Conquer Cancer staff

A clinical trial is a research study that tests new treatments to find out whether they are safe, effective, and possibly better than the current standard of care. Clinical trials can improve the quality of a patient’s life and sometimes even extend it.share on twitter   They can also provide hope after a troubling diagnosis.

Conquer Cancer, the ASCO Foundation, developed the podcast series Your Stories: Behind the Breakthroughs to showcase unscripted conversations between patients, doctors, and the family and friends who conquer cancer with them. This selection of podcasts from the series showcases how both patients and the family members who support them benefit from being a part of the cancer research process.

The Gift of Time

On a Saturday morning, a wife wakes to telling signs that her husband is not well. Before Sunday comes, they face a devastating diagnosis: a young father has a 1 percent chance of surviving pancreatic cancer.

Erin—who lost her husband, Mike—and Erin’s sister, Dana, share how a clinical trial gave them the gift of time.

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How to Become a Conqueror

Patients older than 60 have a higher rate of dying during treatments from leukemia, and Linda is reluctant to even seek treatment after discovering she has acute myeloid leukemia at age 70. 

Eventually, Linda enrolls in a clinical trial and shares how treatment breakthroughs—and the unique support offered by her daughter, Marissa—helped her survive her diagnosis.

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