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Cancer.Net Podcasts

Cancer.Net is pleased to offer its patient information on cancer research, treatment, coping, and many other topics in an audio podcast format. This gives people with cancer, and their families and friends, an additional option of how they'd like to receive oncologist-approved information from Cancer.Net.

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Explaining Podcasts

A Cancer.Net Podcast is a pre-recorded audio file in which a specific cancer-related topic is addressed in order to assist people with cancer. A podcast can be listened to online (through the Internet) or downloaded to your computer free of charge. After downloading, a Cancer.Net Podcast may also be transferred to an MP3 audio player, such as an iPod. To download or listen to a Cancer.Net Podcast on your computer, you will need software capable of playing MP3 files, such as Windows Media Player or QuickTime. Full written transcripts are available.

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Podcast transcripts were funded (in part) by the Conquer Cancer Mission Endowment Fund. 

May 31, 2015
Download MP3 (8.14 MB/8:53)

In today's podcast, we'll discuss one study highlighted at ASCO's 2015 Annual Meeting that examined whether a type of surgery known as elective neck dissection improves survival and reduces the risk of a recurrence for people diagnosed with early oral cancer.

Read a patient-friendly summary of this study.

May 13, 2015
Download MP3 (9.15 MB/9:59)

In this podcast, we’ll discuss one study highlighted at ASCO’s 2015 Annual Meeting that examines whether taking an over-the-counter form of Vitamin B3 reduces the risk of being diagnosed with non-melanoma skin cancer.

Read a patient-friendly summary of this study.

May 5, 2015
Download MP3 (10.42 MB/11:23)

In this podcast, we will discuss new recommendations for radiation therapy to treat locally advanced non-small cell lung cancer, developed by the American Society for Radiation Oncology and endorsed by ASCO.

April 28, 2015
Download MP3 (10.15 MB/11:05)

Today’s podcast is about new advances in immunotherapy for treating lung cancer, including the recent FDA approval of nivolumab to treat advanced squamous non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC).

April 14, 2015
Download MP3 (32.16 MB/35:08)

This podcast is part of a series for patients who have just been diagnosed with a specific genitourinary, or GU cancer. In this series, Dr. Charles Ryan, a medical oncologist and associate professor who specializes in the genitourinary tract at the UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center, speaks with experts on specific GU cancers to shed light on what happens after an initial diagnosis. 

Today’s guest is Dr. Brian Rini, an associate professor of medicine and a staff member in the Department of Solid Tumor Oncology at the Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine of Case Western Reserve University. Dr. Ryan and Dr. Rini discuss the decisions that doctors make when a patient is diagnosed with kidney cancer, including some of the factors that go into recommending certain treatment options.

March 17, 2015
Download MP3 (9.82 MB/10:44)

In this podcast, we’ll discuss the role of pathologists in cancer care.

March 5, 2015
Download MP3 (13.85 MB/15:07)

Today’s podcast is about living with lymphedema, a build-up of fluid that may occur after cancer treatment. This podcast will be led by Dr. Judith Nudelman, a family physician and certified lymphedema therapist. 

January 22, 2015
Download MP3 (18.52 MB/20:14)

A diagnosis of cancer can bring up many emotions and cause stress, anxiety, or depression for both patients and their families. In this podcast, we’ll discuss how seeing a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist can help a person with cancer, how to find a marriage and family therapist, and what to expect from your visits. 

January 15, 2015
Download MP3 (4.8 MB/5:14)

In this podcast, we’ll discuss a study highlighted at the 2015 Gastrointestinal Cancers Symposium that examines the relationship between Vitamin D levels and survival in patients with advanced colorectal cancer. 

December 23, 2014
Download MP3 (27.48 MB/30:01)

In this podcast, we’ll discuss some of the breast cancer research announced at the 2014 San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium, held December ninth through the thirteenth in San Antonio, Texas.