October 3, 2023 · Elizabeth Kacel, PhD
Dr. Elizabeth Kacel shares what people with cancer should know if they are experiencing insomnia, including causes of cancer-related insomnia, how it can impact daily life, how they can cope with insomnia, and how the health care team can help manage it. Read More >>
September 7, 2023 · Anna Roshal, MD
In this “Meaningful Conversations” post, Dr. Anna Roshal discusses what people with cancer should know when facing an uncertain prognosis, including how to cope with uncertainty and how to talk about your prognosis with your health care team. Read More >>
August 22, 2023 · Brian Sluga
Cancer survivor Brian Sluga shares how getting back into running after treatment and setting a goal of running a marathon helped him cope during survivorship and brought him peace with his cancer experience. Read More >>
August 1, 2023 · Mark Nicholson
Cancer survivor Mark Nicholson shares what it was like being diagnosed and undergoing treatment, coping with survivor’s guilt, uncertainty, and other difficult emotions, and how starting his “bucket list” helped him cope. Read More >>
July 25, 2023 · Harvey Max Chochinov, MD, PhD, FRCPC
Dr. Harvey Max Chochinov shares ways that people with end-stage cancer may find meaning as they approach the end of life, including important things to remember and how to connect with those around you. Read More >>