Voices on Cancer; Daniel G. Garza
July 12, 2023 · Daniel G. Garza
Cancer survivor Daniel G. Garza shares how receiving his cancer diagnosis led him to finding new purpose, particularly through his work with organizations looking to make cancer care more equitable. Read More >>
July 11, 2023 · Alec Kupelian
Teen cancer survivor Alec Kupelian shares what it was like being diagnosed with cancer at that age, the loneliness he experienced, and what other teens and young adults with cancer should know about finding support. Read More >>
June 27, 2023 · Allison Moskowitz Duggan, LCSW
Oncology social worker Allison Moskowitz Duggan shares what people diagnosed with cancer should know about taking long-term medication, including how to cope with the emotional and practical challenges and where to find support. Read More >>
June 22, 2023 · Bryant Wieneke
In this post, melanoma survivor Bryant Wieneke reflects on what it was like being diagnosed with advanced disease, how he felt more vulnerable after being diagnosed with a second cancer years later, and how he is supporting his mental health. Read More >>
June 1, 2023 · Cristiane Decat Bergerot, PhD
Dr. Cristiane Decat Bergerot discusses what people with cancer and their caregivers should know about coping with waiting periods during cancer, including how to manage your emotions during a wait and when to seek help. Read More >>