October 19, 2021 · ASCO Staff
Can eating soy increase your risk for breast cancer? Here, learn where this idea comes from, why the science shows eating soy cannot lead to breast cancer, and what to know about eating healthy levels of soy. Read More >>
August 19, 2021 · ASCO Staff
El cannabidiol (CBD) se ha convertido en una palabra de moda dentro de la comunidad oncológica. Pero, aunque algunas personas con cáncer han descubierto que el CBD es útil para el manejo de los efectos secundarios, las investigaciones aún no respaldan el uso del CBD para el tratamiento del cáncer. Descubra aquí qué es el CBD, cómo se está estudiando en personas con cáncer y si es seguro, eficaz y legal. Read More >>
July 13, 2021 · ASCO Staff
Aromatherapy with essential oils may help relieve certain side effects of cancer and its treatment, but these oils cannot treat or prevent cancer. Here, learn what people with cancer should know about how essential oils may help and their limits. Read More >>
June 29, 2021 · Ann Meredith Garcia Trinidad, MD, MCM, FPCP, FPSMO, FPSO
Dr. Ann Meredith Garcia Trinidad discusses what to know about herbs and supplements during cancer, including how to tell if they’re part of a scam and why it’s always important to talk with your doctor before trying these products. Read More >>
May 4, 2021 · ASCO Staff
People getting tattoos may worry that tattoo ink can lead to cancer. But is this actually true? Here, find out more about the research on whether tattoos are linked to cancer and what else people with tattoos should know about their cancer risk. Read More >>