risk factors

October 26, 2023 · Brielle Gregory Collins, ASCO staff
In this podcast, Dr. Allison Kurian and genetic counselor Kristen Mahoney Shannon discuss what people should know about their hereditary breast cancer risk, including how to know whether the condition may run in your family and what to expect if you will be receiving genetic counseling. Read More >>
September 19, 2023 · Kate Ruder
Research has shown that eating certain processed meats, such as hot dogs, sausage, and deli meats, can increase your risk for cancer. Here, learn more about what the research says about processed meats and cancer risk and what to consider when choosing processed meats. Read More >>
September 5, 2023 · Tingting Zhang, PhD
Dr. Tingting Zhang shares what people in Asian American and Pacific Islander communities should know about cancer risk, including the types of cancer they may be more at risk for, the importance of screening for these cancers, and resources available to help. Read More >>
August 29, 2023 · Eleonora Teplinsky, MD
Dr. Eleonora Teplinsky describes what to know about alcohol consumption and cancer risk, including how alcohol increases your risk for cancer, why limiting or stopping alcohol consumption can help lower this risk, and what steps you can take to do so. Read More >>
July 13, 2023 · Kate Ruder
Some people may have concerns over whether using hair dyes or hair relaxers can impact their cancer risk. Here, learn more about permanent coloring and straightening products and their possible links to cancer, particularly when used frequently. Read More >>