April 3, 2020 Richard L. Schilsky, MD, FACP, FSCT, FASCO
La American Society of Clinical Oncology (Sociedad Estadounidense de Oncología Clínica) y la National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship (NCCS, Coalición Nacional para la Sobrevivencia del Cáncer) están trabajando juntas para proporcionar información acerca de cómo el coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) podría afectar la salud y la atención de las personas diagnosticadas con cáncer. Read More
From the Editor's Desk
March 26, 2020 Lidia Schapira, MD, FASCO
In this month’s From the Editor’s Desk, Dr. Schapira talks about the role clinical trials play in finding new treatments for cancers that don’t yet have a “best” treatment plan. Read More
March 24, 2020 Hernan Barangan
After being diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia (AML) at age 15, Hernan Barangan felt isolated and scared. Later, it led him to a new career path in filmmaking where he’s helping other young adults with cancer. Read More
March 17, 2020 Wendy Campbell
When Wendy Campbell was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma, she turned to yoga for meaning. Here’s how the practice helped her cope. Read More
March 12, 2020 Anghel Adrian Udrea, MD, PhD
Dr. Anghel Adrian Udrea describes cancer care barriers in Romania and why he chose to start his own cancer center. Read More