July 21, 2022 Brielle Gregory Collins, ASCO staff
In this podcast, ASCO Chief Medical Officer Dr. Julie Gralow interviews Associate Editor Dr. Merry Jennifer Markham about her work with Cancer.Net to create information for people with cancer throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, how the pandemic changed her perspective, and where she sees the pandemic response headed. Read More
July 19, 2022 Helen Epstein
Survivor Helen Epstein shares what was helpful to her when she was first diagnosed with cancer and her advice for others facing a new cancer diagnosis. Read More
July 14, 2022 Karen Kratenstein
Breast cancer survivor Karen Kratenstein shares helpful tips on what to say when talking with and supporting a loved one with cancer, as well as how other people with cancer can ask for the support they need. Read More
July 13, 2022 Sonja Hibbs
Su médico puede recomendarle una biopsia por aspiración con aguja fina, también llamada biopsia con aguja fina o punción aspiración con aguja fina (PAAF), para averiguar si una masa tumoral de una exploración o examen es cáncer. Aprenda cuál es el procedimiento, cómo prepararse y cómo se usa para diagnosticar el cáncer. Read More
July 12, 2022 Fay J. Hlubocky, PhD, MA
Dr. Fay J. Hlubocky discusses how anxiety can impact people with cancer, how this anxiety can lead to panic attacks, and what people with cancer can do to prevent and relieve panic attacks. Read More