September 7, 2017 Amber Bauer, ASCO staff
Durante o después de una catástrofe natural u otra emergencia, es posible que le pidan que evacue su hogar o que se “refugie en el lugar”. ¿Qué significa esto si usted está recibiendo tratamiento para el cáncer? ¿Y cómo puede prepararse para ello? Read More
September 7, 2017 Ryan Nipp, MD, MPH
In this podcast from the ASCO Educational Book, Dr. Ryan Nipp discusses when and why extended treatment is needed for some people diagnosed with cancer. Read More
September 6, 2017 Sarah Lichtman
School has started. Here’s how to keep your children from bringing germs home along with their homework: teach them how to properly wash their hands. Read More
August 30, 2017 Greg Guthrie, ASCO staff
If you or a loved one has cancer, what do you do in the immediate aftermath of a hurricane? Read More
Oncology Briefs: Research from the ASCO Educational Book
August 30, 2017 Merry Jennifer Markham, MD; Danielle Gentile, PhD; and David L. Graham, MD, FASCO
Social media can help oncologists share valuable research to improve how they treat patients. Patients can also use social media to improve their own care. Read More