October 21, 2021 Cindy Trice
Survivor Cindy Trice shares how changing the clothes she wore during cancer treatment made her feel more comfortable and dignified and how she’s working to help other people with cancer do the same. Read More
October 19, 2021 ASCO Staff
Can eating soy increase your risk for breast cancer? Here, learn where this idea comes from, why the science shows eating soy cannot lead to breast cancer, and what to know about eating healthy levels of soy. Read More
October 14, 2021 Snežana Bošnjak, MD, PhD
In this “Cancer in My Community” post, Dr. Snežana Bošnjak discusses what cancer care is like in Serbia, including the importance of providing supportive care in the country and where people with cancer can find help. Read More
October 12, 2021 Amber Bauer, ASCO staff
Los fisioterapeutas evalúan los problemas nerviosos, musculares y de estado físico que dificultan que una persona funcione bien a diario. Las fisioterapeutas Sharlynn Tuohy y Jean Kotkiewicz analizan el papel que desempeñan los fisioterapeutas en el cuidado de las personas con cáncer. Read More
October 7, 2021 Sonja Hibbs
Your doctor may recommend a fine needle aspiration biopsy, also called a fine needle biopsy or FNA, to find out if a mass from a scan or examination is cancer. Here, learn what the procedure is, how to prepare, and how it’s used to diagnose cancer. Read More