December 14, 2023 Natasha Steele, MD, MPH, and Elle Billman, BS
In this “Voices on Cancer” post, Dr. Natasha Steele and Elle Billman share how their own cancer experiences led them to get involved with survivorship advocacy, how they’re working to build a community among cancer survivors, and what they’ve learned from other survivors along the way. Read More
Caroline Edlund
December 12, 2023 Caroline Edlund, LCSW-R
¿Va a cumplir 65 años pronto? Estos 5 consejos pueden ayudar a facilitar la solicitud de Medicare para que pueda seguir recibiendo la atención oncológica que necesita. Read More
December 7, 2023 Maria Cecilia Mathias, MD
In this “Cancer in My Community” post, Dr. Maria Cecilia Mathias describes what childhood experiences led her to caring for people with cancer, how challenges in Brazil can include access to new treatments, and resources available to help people with cancer in this country. Read More
December 5, 2023 Alexandra Vitale
Alexandra Vitale shares what it has been like living with von Hippel-Lindau disease since age 5, how she coped with receiving multiple cancer diagnoses, and how joining a clinical trial and trying a new treatment helped her find hope. Read More
November 30, 2023 William S. Laird
Cancer survivor William S. Laird shares what it was like being diagnosed with appendiceal cancer, how he navigated multiple cancer surgeries and recurrences, and how he’s learned to move forward while living with cancer indefinitely. Read More