From the Editor's Desk
March 20, 2019 Lidia Schapira, MD, FASCO
Telemedicine is the use of technology to deliver patient care remotely. In this month’s From the Editor’s Desk, Dr. Schapira writes about the risks and rewards that telemedicine offers people with cancer and their caregivers. Read More
March 14, 2019 Domna Antoniadis, JD
Health insurance for cancer treatment can be less overwhelming by taking some simple steps. Read More
March 12, 2019 Amy Thompson
Sus medicamentos pueden ser más eficaces, y mucho más fáciles de administrar, si sigue algunas pautas simples. Read More
Deborah Collyar and George Weiner; Voices on Cancer
March 7, 2019 Deborah Collyar and George Weiner, MD
A cancer researcher and a patient advocate discuss the role of the patient experience in advancing cancer breakthroughs and provide resources for new patient advocates. Read More
March 5, 2019 Monika Sharda, ASCO staff
In this podcast interview, Dr. Merry Jennifer Markham and Dr. Danielle Gentile discuss the pros and cons of patients using social media for support. Read More