April 10, 2018 Domna Antoniadis, Esq.
A financial power of attorney is a legal document that allows a patient to appoint someone to help them out with certain activities, like speaking with insurance companies, managing finances, and communicating with government agencies. Read More
April 4, 2018 Valérie Sanja Tettinek
Valérie Sanja Tettinek, sobreviviente del sarcoma, comparte cómo procurar la resiliencia la ayudó a hacer frente a la carga emocional de su diagnóstico. También describe las prácticas de atención plena (Mindfulness) que la empoderan día a día. Read More
March 29, 2018 Clara Yuvienco, MPH, and Howard Seltzer
If you’re celebrating Easter, here are tips to keep your meals safe for everyone in your family. Read More
March 27, 2018 Rachel Freedman, MD, MPH
Mammograms are a very important part of follow-up care in women with breast cancer. But what about older women? How long should they continue to receive mammograms? Read More
From the Editor's Desk
March 22, 2018 Lidia Schapira, MD, FASCO
In this month’s From the Editor’s Desk, Dr. Schapira writes about the power of storytelling in cancer care and how this led to the development of a podcast series with the Journal of Clinical Oncology. Read More