April 22, 2021 Jyoti Patel, MD, FASCO
肺癌每年影响数以万计的美国人。在这篇博文中,Cancer.Net 副主编 Jyoti Patel 博士描述了每个人都应该知道的关于肺癌的 9 件事。 Read More
April 21, 2021 Eva Grayzel
Oral cancer survivor Eva Grayzel shares how her diagnosis gave her a new appreciation for words and how she changed the language she uses to embrace positivity after her voice returned. Read More
April 20, 2021 Marika Humphreys
Marika Humphreys shares how she used a technique called “holding space” in her efforts to support her husband during his cancer treatment and how it could help other caregivers in similar situations. Read More
April 15, 2021 Tom Freeman
Glioblastoma survivor Tom Freeman shares what it was like to be diagnosed with an advanced brain tumor and how he found a creative outlet to share his story and help him cope. Read More
April 14, 2021 Charles Kamen, PhD, MPH, and Gwendolyn Quinn, PhD
In this post, Dr. Charles Kamen and Dr. Gwendolyn Quinn discuss how to find trusted cancer care providers who are trained in LGBTQ+ health. Read More