October 12, 2021 Amber Bauer, ASCO staff
Los fisioterapeutas evalúan los problemas nerviosos, musculares y de estado físico que dificultan que una persona funcione bien a diario. Las fisioterapeutas Sharlynn Tuohy y Jean Kotkiewicz analizan el papel que desempeñan los fisioterapeutas en el cuidado de las personas con cáncer. Read More
October 7, 2021 Sonja Hibbs
Your doctor may recommend a fine needle aspiration biopsy, also called a fine needle biopsy or FNA, to find out if a mass from a scan or examination is cancer. Here, learn what the procedure is, how to prepare, and how it’s used to diagnose cancer. Read More
October 5, 2021 Tara Rajendran, MBBS, MFA
Dr. Tara Rajendran shares the power of music in helping people with cancer cope, including the physical, emotional, and mental benefits it provides and how people with cancer can get started with integrating music into their care. Read More
2021 ASCO Annual Meeting; #ASCO21
September 30, 2021 Brielle Gregory Collins, ASCO staff
In this podcast, Cancer.Net Associate Editors discuss new research presented at the 2021 ASCO Annual Meeting on brain tumors, esophageal cancer, and colorectal cancer. Read More
September 28, 2021 Jyoti Patel, MD, FASCO
In this month’s “From the Editor in Chief” column, Dr. Jyoti Patel discusses how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted cancer screening and why it’s so important for everyone to keep up with their regular checkups. Read More