December 22, 2022 Kate Ruder
People with cancer are often immunocompromised as a result of cancer and its treatments. This could put them at greater risk for infection, so it’s important to prevent the spread of germs during a visit. Here, find practical guidance on what you can do to keep your loved one safe during a visit. Read More
December 20, 2022 Brielle Gregory Collins, ASCO staff
In this podcast, Dr. Fay Hlubocky and Dr. Manali Patel discuss what health equity and quality care mean in the context of cancer care and describe research highlights in these areas from the 2022 Quality Care Symposium. Read More
ASCO ® Plenary Series
December 19, 2022 Greg Guthrie, ASCO staff
Read research from the December 2022 session of the ASCO Plenary Series, which explores combining immunotherapy for advanced non-small cell lung cancer with high PD-L1. Read More
December 15, 2022 Sarah Saulsberry, PT, COMT
Physical therapist Sarah Saulsberry, PT, COMT, shares how prehabilitation can help people with lung cancer prepare for surgery, how it can help during recovery, and 4 exercises to get started with prehabilitation at home. Read More
December 13, 2022 Rudy Maltez Alvarez, PT, DPT
En esta publicación, el fisioterapeuta Rudy Maltez Alvarez, Doctor en Fisioterapia, analiza cómo la terapia del piso pélvico puede ayudar a las personas con cáncer de próstata, incluida la importancia de la respiración controlada y cómo comenzar. Read More