Coping With Cancer

This section is designed to help people with cancer and their families better cope with cancer.

Managing Emotions

Being diagnosed with cancer will most likely have an effect on you emotionally and physically. Learn more about self-image, managing stress, and coping with anger, anxiety and depression, fear of side effects, guilt, and grief and loss.

Talking With Family and Friends

This section includes information on how cancer affects family and friends, how to sensitively talk with someone with or about cancer, siblings and cancer, parenting and cancer, and how children understand cancer.

Caring for a Loved One

Information for caregivers, including ways to cope with cancer in a loved one, tips on caregiving, and online resources for caregivers.

Finding Support and Information

In this section, find resources for groups, organizations, and online communities that provide information for cancer support.

Hearing the Oncologists' Perspective

The Art of Oncology – Learn more about this collection of essays written by physicians about the emotional issues they themselves encounter while caring for people with cancer.