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June 1, 2023 · Cristiane Decat Bergerot, PhD
Dr. Cristiane Decat Bergerot discusses what people with cancer and their caregivers should know about coping with waiting periods during cancer, including how to manage your emotions during a wait and when to seek help. Read More >>
May 30, 2023 · Jyoti Patel, MD, FASCO
In this month’s “From the Editor in Chief” column, Dr. Jyoti Patel discusses why more cancer research is being done about de-escalation treatment, including how these types of studies help doctors personalize treatment plans for each patient. Read More >>
May 23, 2023 · Vahur Valvere, MD, PhD
In this “Cancer in My Community” post, Dr. Vahur Valvere describes what cancer is like in Estonia, including which cancers are most common, the importance of screening in the country, and local resources available for support. Read More >>
May 11, 2023 · Alex Choi, MD, and Jane Jeuland, MDiv
Dr. Alex Choi and chaplain Jane Jeuland describe what people with cancer should know about creating a living will, including what this document is, why it’s important, common concerns people have, and how to get started writing one. Read More >>
May 9, 2023 · Antonio Cassio Assis Pellizzon, MD, MsC, PhD
In this “Cancer in My Community” post, Dr. Antonio Cassio Assis Pellizzon discusses what cancer care is like in Brazil, including why he cares for people with cancer, how most people access cancer care in Brazil, and local resources available for patients. Read More >>