February 15, 2024 · Kate Ruder
In this podcast, Dr. Fay J. Hlubocky and Shelly Rosenfeld discuss common concerns people returning to work after cancer treatment may have, including what to know about your legal protections, requesting accommodations, and talking to your co-workers. Read More >>
February 6, 2024 · Tony Laudadio
Two-time cancer survivor Tony Laudadio shares what helped him cope with his diagnoses and treatment, including setting realistic goals, finding joy in everyday moments, practicing mindfulness, and imaging the legacy he wanted to leave for his children. Read More >>
January 30, 2024 · Jeff Boothman
Lymphoma survivor Jeff Boothman shares the 3 things he wishes someone had told him after he received his cancer diagnosis, including the importance of knowing the steps in your treatment plan, being your own advocate, and preparing for side effects. Read More >>
January 26, 2024 · Patricia I. Moreno, PhD, and Frank J. Penedo, PhD
Dr. Patricia I. Moreno and Dr. Frank J. Penedo discuss survivorship research, including what it is, how it helps address challenges that cancer survivors face, and how to get involved with studies that focus on understanding and improving the lives of people treated for cancer. Read More >>
December 27, 2023 · Betty Dicker, RN, MSN
Two-time cancer survivor Betty Dicker shares what it was like learning she had inherited an increased risk for cancer, how early detection led to early cancer diagnoses, and how her experiences have led her to advocating for others. Read More >>