January 17, 2023 · Amy K. Siston, PhD
Dr. Amy K. Siston discusses common sexual health concerns cancer survivors experience, including how cancer treatment can impact sexual health, coping with the emotional effects of cancer that can lead to sexual issues, and how survivors can get help. Read More >>
Dana Deighton; Voices on Cancer
January 12, 2023 · Dana Deighton
In this “Voices on Cancer” post, stage 4 esophageal cancer survivor Dana Deighton shares what it was like receiving an advanced diagnosis, how she advocated for herself during treatment, and how her diagnosis led her to a career in patient and research advocacy. Read More >>
January 5, 2023 · Brielle Gregory Collins, ASCO staff
In this podcast, Dr. Frank Penedo interviews esophageal cancer survivor Rachael Kearney about her experience being diagnosed with cancer, how she coped with side effects from treatment, and her advice for sharing your cancer story. Read More >>
December 27, 2022 · Rachael Kearney
Survivor Rachael Kearney describes what it was like being diagnosed and treated for esophageal cancer, how she adjusted to the life changes her treatment brought, and how her cancer diagnosis led her to finding a new life purpose. Read More >>
December 6, 2022 · Cordelia Galgut, PhD
Psychologist and cancer survivor Dr. Cordelia Galgut shares what it’s like living with the fear of cancer recurrence, why the fear of recurrence is often misunderstood, and what survivors can do to cope. Read More >>