November 30, 2023 · William S. Laird
Cancer survivor William S. Laird shares what it was like being diagnosed with appendiceal cancer, how he navigated multiple cancer surgeries and recurrences, and how he’s learned to move forward while living with cancer indefinitely. Read More >>
November 7, 2023 · Brielle Gregory Collins, ASCO staff
In this podcast, Dr. Charu Aggarwal and Dr. Ryan Gentzler discuss what people with early-stage non-small cell lung cancer should know about treatment options before and after lung surgery, including what to consider when weighing treatment options and questions to ask the health care team. Read More >>
October 19, 2023 · Richard A. Larson, MD
Dr. Richard A. Larson describes what people with cancer should know about blood transfusions, including why a blood transfusion might be needed during cancer, the different types of transfusions, what to expect during a transfusion, and possible side effects. Read More >>
October 10, 2023 · Jeff Stewart
Cancer survivor Jeff Stewart shares what he decided to do to give himself the best chances of making the most of his time after his diagnosis, including why he chose to follow his oncologist’s treatment recommendations and the importance of avoiding misleading information during cancer. Read More >>
2023 ASCO Annual Meeting; #ASCO23
September 28, 2023 · Anna Schardt Baker
In this podcast, 3 members of the Cancer.Net Editorial Board discuss new research presented at the 2023 ASCO Annual Meeting in non-small cell lung cancer, small cell lung cancer, and mesothelioma. Read More >>