September 27, 2023 Jyoti Patel, MD, FASCO
In this month’s “From the Editor in Chief” column, Dr. Jyoti Patel discusses what people with cancer should know about navigating their cancer care during an extreme weather event, including how these events could impact their care and ways to be prepared. Read More
September 26, 2023 Alexandre Chan, PharmD, MPH, and Quinton (Ding Quan) Ng, BS (Pharm)(Hons)
Dr. Alexandre Chan and Quinton (Ding Quan) Ng discuss what people with cancer and survivors should know about vaping, including its potential health effects, what research has shown about vaping and cancer, and the importance of using evidence-based methods to help quit smoking. Read More
2023 ASCO Annual Meeting; #ASCO23
September 21, 2023 Anna Schardt Baker
In this podcast, 2 Cancer.Net Associate Editors discuss new research presented at the 2023 ASCO Annual Meeting in improving symptom monitoring and advancing equitable care for children with cancer. Read More
September 19, 2023 Kate Ruder
Research has shown that eating certain processed meats, such as hot dogs, sausage, and deli meats, can increase your risk for cancer. Here, learn more about what the research says about processed meats and cancer risk and what to consider when choosing processed meats. Read More
September 14, 2023 Kate Ruder
Cocinar o asar algunos alimentos produce ciertas sustancias químicas. Pero, ¿pueden estas sustancias químicas aumentar el riesgo de una persona de desarrollar cáncer? Averigüe aquí cuáles son estas sustancias químicas, dónde se encuentran y qué dice la investigación. Read More