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ASCO’s Cancer.Net Mobile has been sunset as of March 1, 2024, and is no longer being supported. If you are a current user, please refer to the directions below to learn how to export tracked information from the My Health Dashboard.

Thank you for trusting Cancer.Net Mobile over the past 12 years.

Learn more about mobile apps provided by other organizations that are available to help manage your cancer care.

Exporting Tracked Information

Using the My Health Report

You can use the My Health Report to export your tracked symptoms, your medication log, and any unanswered questions you have saved in the app. (To export medication details or answered questions, please see “Exporting Other Tracked Information,” below.) Click on My Health Report. If you have not previously saved a Health Report, you will be prompted to create a new report. If you have saved Health Reports, click the plus sign in the upper right corner to create a new report.

Select the time range you would like the report to cover (for example, enter 12 months to export all information from the last year) and which tracked information you would like to include. If you select a provider, only unanswered questions assigned to that provider will be included.

Once you create the report, you can choose to group the report by type of data, or by date. Then select whether you would like to print or email the report. If you choose to email the report, a new email will be open in your device email client with all the tracked information. You can either send it to yourself for your records or share it with others.

Saving Provider Information to Your Contacts

To save your providers’ information to your contacts, click on the provider’s name in the list, and then scroll down to the bottom of the screen. You will see a button that says “Save to Device Contacts.” When you click this button, a new contact will be created on your device with the provider’s information.

Exporting Other Tracked Information

You can use the “Email or Delete Items” button at the bottom of each section to export your tracked information. Select the button, and then either select specific tracked information you would like to save or use the “Select All” button at the top to select everything. Then select the “Email” button. A new email will be open in your email client with all the tracked information. You can either send it to yourself for your records or share it with others.

If you have any questions about how to export tracked information, please email us for assistance before March 1, 2024.

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