Research Round Up Podcasts: The Latest on Side Effects and Head & Neck Cancers

Research Round Up Podcast Series
June 30, 2015

Over the next several months, we’ll be bringing back our Research Round Up podcast series. In this series, experts will explain the science that captured their attention during the 2015 ASCO Annual Meeting.  

First in our series, Charles Loprinzi, MD, from Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN discusses new treatment options for bone metastasis, nausea and vomiting casued by chemotherapy, and poor appetite. Dr. Loprinzi also highlights studies addressing the difficult discussions between patients and doctors surrounding advanced cancer. Research shows that “most patients and families appreciate having these discussions in a compassionate manner.” He calls this “compassionate honesty” and believes it helps patients manage expectations and have realistic hope in terms of their health.

A transcript of this podcast is available.

Next, Ezra Cohen, MD, from UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center, talks about research on head and neck cancers from the meeting. Particularly, Dr. Cohen discusses immunotherapy, treatments for HPV-positive cancer, PET scans for locally advanced cancer, and neck dissection for early-stage cancer. He shares how these four areas “are going to dramatically impact the way we treat patients in the near future or studies that have reinforced what the standard therapy should be.”

A transcript of this podcast is available.

If you’d like to read other summaries from science news from ASCO’s Annual Meeting, search Cancer.Net’s database of patient-friendly summaries. And stay tuned over the summer months for more expert-led podcasts on other highlights from ASCO’s Annual Meeting. 

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