Cancer.Net is committed to providing an accessible website to all visitors, regardless of ability or technology. To that end, Cancer.Net strives to follow the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) developed these standards in order to ensure web content is accessible to people with a broad range of disabilities.

Below is a brief description of how Cancer.Net has addressed accessibility. Read a full Statement of Accessibility from June 7, 2017 (PDF).

  • Changes to the page structure to make it easier to find and navigate to specific content on a page

  • Improved labeling of visual elements for screen readers

  • Improved interactive elements of the site, including form fields and buttons

  • Color and contrast changes to improve legibility for people who have low vision or color-blindness

  • Added text transcripts and captions to podcasts and videos

  • Added image descriptions to anatomical images

  • Added controls to the home page carousel


  • Some PDF and embedded documents are not fully accessible.

  • The third-party multimedia players may not be fully accessible.

  • Some accessibility features are not fully available in Internet Explorer.

  • Some images on the site do not yet have an alt attribute defined. The alt attribute provides text for visitors who cannot see the image.

  • Some page headings do not properly convey the hierarchy of the site.

  • A few pages still only use color to indicate the presence of a link.

  • On the Find a Cancer Doctor Page, the purpose of the main search box changes depending on the selection made in the adjacent "Search by" select form field, but the label does not change, which may be confusing for visitors using screen readers.

  • The email field on the Newsletter signup page may not be clearly identified as required by screen readers.  

We are continuing to make improvements to Cancer.Net to address these exceptions and improve the overall accessibility of the site.

If you have any difficulty accessing any content or functionality on Cancer.Net, or if you have questions about Cancer.Net’s accessibility efforts, please contact us at or by calling 571-483-1780 or 888-651-3038. We welcome your feedback so that we can continue to improve.

Last updated: July 2017