"Your Stories" Podcasts: Conquering Cancer as a Family

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July 31, 2019
Patra Wroten, Conquer Cancer staff

A patient isn’t the only person impacted by a cancer diagnosis. People whose loved ones are conquering cancer often become caregivers and advocates, and these roles can bring unique fears and emotions. Every person impacted by cancer has a story, and hearing about the experiences of others can be very helpfulshare on twitter.

Conquer Cancer, the ASCO Foundation, developed the podcast series Your Stories: Behind the Breakthroughs to share these stories. This selection of podcasts from the series showcases patients and the family members who support them—a daughter turned bone marrow donor, a wife who became a champion for research, and a widow who became an advocate.

A New Generation of Conquerors

A new house in the suburbs. A thriving business. A growing family. It was a charmed life for college sweethearts Robin and Dave Dubin until Dave was diagnosed with colon cancer at age 29. Cancer is part of Dave’s family history. Will it be part of his family’s future? The Dubins talk candidly about their decision to explore genetic testing for their sons and the anxiety that can come with having answers.

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The Gift of Time

On a Saturday morning, a wife wakes up and sees signs that her husband is not well. Before Sunday comes, there is a devasting diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. A young father has a 1% chance of surviving. The search is on for a life-extending treatment. Erin, who lost her husband Mike, and her sister, Dana, share the deeply emotional experiences and daunting medical logistics of loving someone through a terminal illness.

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How to Become a Conqueror

“Just let me die.” That’s what Linda said after receiving her leukemia diagnosis. It can be hard to imagine conquering cancer after a diagnosis. Linda and her daughter, Marissa, relive the first day in the hospital and the year of “medical house arrest” that was part of Linda’s lifesaving treatment.

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