Thank You!

Thank you for viewing the PRE-ACT educational program! We hope that you have received some valuable information about clinical trials.

The development of PRE-ACT was funded by a grant from the National Cancer Institute (R01 CA127655-06) to Neal J. Meropol, MD, FASCO.

The PRE-ACT development team includes:

Case Western Reserve University / University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center Seidman Cancer Center (Cleveland, OH)
Neal J. Meropol, MD - Project Leader
*Current affiliation: Flatiron Health, New York, NY

Cancer Support Community (Washington, DC)
Joanne Buzaglo, PhD

Cleveland Clinic Foundation (Cleveland, OH)
Anne L. Flamm, JD

Fight Colorectal Cancer (Alexandria, VA)
Nancy Roach

Fox Chase Cancer Center (Philadelphia, PA)
Brian L. Egleston, PhD 
Linda Fleisher, PhD, MPH
Suzanne M. Miller, PhD
Eric A. Ross, PhD 
Yu-Ning Wong, MD, MSCE

International Myeloma Foundation (North Hollywood, CA)
Michael Katz, MBA

Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute (Detroit, MI)
Terrance L. Albrecht, PhD

Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center / Northwestern (Chicago, IL)
Al Bowen Benson, III, MD

Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey (New Brunswick, NJ)
Sharon Manne, PhD

Cancer.Net offers additional resources for learning more about clinical trials, including ways to find clinical trials,

If you would like more information on clinical trials, you can also visit the National Cancer Institute's website