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Last Updated: February 7, 2019

Get a brief overview of the oncologist-approved resources and information designed specifically for patients available on Cancer.Net and its mobile app, led by cancer survivor and patient advocate, Sherri Stahl.

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Voice over: Cancer.Net is ASCO’s patient information website, the place where patients and their loved ones can go online to get accurate, updated cancer information. Whether you’re newly diagnosed with cancer, dealing with the late effects of treatment, or taking care of a loved one with cancer, Cancer.Net is the online resource you can trust for your cancer information.

Sherri Stahl, Cancer Survivor and Advocate:  It’s part of the American Society of Clinical Oncology and it is approved by oncologists. So, I know and have comfort in knowing that the information is accurate and has been properly looked at by doctors and that I can rely on it.

Voice over: Cancer.Net values the insight of patients, survivors , patients, advocates, and caregivers, and involves them in the development of the resources and the rich and comprehensive content you will find on the site.

Sherri Stahl: It’s easy to use and it’s easy for me to understand. I don’t have a science background, but I understand when they explain to me what the different terms are.

For me personally what it did is it provided me with information that I needed. It also provided my family information that they needed to help me.

Voice over: You can be sure you are getting the latest information, highlighting advancements in care and treatment, including the latest recommendations and care guidelines.

Sherri Stahl: Cancer.Net covers all aspects of cancer and that is to me its greatest benefit. Because it’s not one thing, it’s not just about the physical. It’s also about the emotional and the financial. And it’s about a diagnosis, but it’s also about treatment and treatment plans and different medications. And it’s about what happens after treatment ends.

It is a long-term continuing resource that really gives you wonderful information on all aspects of cancer.

Voice over: And the Cancer.Net app makes the information even more convenient and accessible, through just a touch on your phone or tablet.

Sherri Stahl: The Cancer.Net app is a great tool. It works in so many different ways.  You know, I’m not always at home and might have a question after a doctor appointment. I can easily go to the app and get an answer.

Voice over: Cancer.Net is a reliable, compassionate cancer resource that will be there for you throughout the continuum of your cancer journey, from diagnosis through survivorship.

Sherri Stahl: What I love about Cancer.Net is that it’s just so well thought out. It covers all aspects of cancer. And even now today, just to go back and revisit it and remember questions to ask the doctor, ongoing concerns. It’s a fabulous, fabulous resource.

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