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Last Updated: June 4, 2020

Dr. Hyman Muss discusses how he integrates Cancer.Net's information into after visit summaries using Smart Phrases in electronic medical records.

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Cancer.Net®: Doctor-Approved Patient Information from ASCO®

Hyman B. Muss, MD, FASCO: Patients are always asking for high quality information, and Cancer.Net has done a beautiful job of delivering information about cancer.

I integrate Cancer.Net into our electronic medical records system because most of these systems provide information for patients when they leave an office visit.

If you have something like an after-visit summary, which in most of the electronic records is a little click, it comes out that you can write a line or two for the patient, or even more, if you’re inclined. And I tell the patient, "Below are several websites that I think would be very helpful if you have any other questions or thoughts," and Cancer.Net is the leading one I use for information for patients.

Why I really like Cancer.Net is because it’s so well put together by ASCO professionals; it’s constantly modified to provide new information; and I think it gives a balanced view of treatments, all types of issues related to caring for cancer, costs of cancer, where to find help, in a top-quality way.

Keep it simple, give the patients a great place to go to for information, and know it’s always going to be accurate.

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Cancer.Net®: Doctor-Approved Patient Information from ASCO®

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