ASCO Cancer Treatment Summaries, with Julie Gralow, MD

Last Updated: August 20, 2018

In this new video, Dr. Julie Gralow outlines for patients how these free template forms should be used to record the treatment given and the recommended follow-up care plan.

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ASCO Cancer Treatment Summaries

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Survivorship: ASCO Cancer Treatment Summaries

What are Cancer Treatment Summaries

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Julie Gralow, MD; Member, American Society of Clinical Oncology: ASCO decided to help partner in developing cancer treatment and follow-up plan summaries because when patients are done with all of their care, they sometimes don't remember everything they got. Breast cancer and other cancers are very complicated with lots of treatments, lots of nuances. So patients at the end of their treatment weren't really sure all of the aspects of their cancer, the radiation therapy doses and fields, the type of chemo they got.

So the ASCO treatment summary is designed to help provide you with those key pieces of information that you can give to other doctors, you can keep for yourself if you ever needed treatment again, it's right there in your hands.

And then follow-up. We get lots of visits while we're under treatment, and then all of a sudden, you're done and you go into follow-up mode. We found that there's a real gap that happens there. And so, ASCO helped developed follow-up summaries so that we could tell our cancer patients what kinds of tests and follow-up intervals we're recommending in survivorship mode.

How to Use ASCO Treatment Summaries

Dr. Gralow: I think that the ASCO treatment plans and summaries are very valuable both to the healthcare team, as well as to the patient. It provides an opportunity to review all of the treatments that have been given to talk about the potential side effects long-term for each of those treatment, as well. I think it's key to keep a copy in the patient's charts. I think all patients should have a copy at home, as well.

Where to Download Forms

The ASCO treatment plans and summaries are available on Cancer.Net. Look under the Survivorship tab and you'll find downloadable forms with blanks. You can take it into your healthcare team, and ask them to help fill it out to keep a good record of all of the different drugs, and all of the different surgeries, and radiation treatments that you've received.

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